Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pardon Our Dust

I am trying to make some changes on the ol' blog, but it is taking some time. I have no idea how it looks on other computers, but I hope it looks okay. Have you ever thought something looked okay on your computer and then opened it up and found a hot mess on another one? And then all you can think is, "Great...people think I meant it to look like this?" I have, but that's probably why the majority of people think I'm a little off.

Anyways, hopefully I'll have everything figured out and back to normal soon. In other news I found the perfect tree skirt and stockings at Hobby Lobby today. Now I just have to wait until they go on sale. Because everyone knows if you buy something at Hobby Lobby for full price you are either desperate or lack the will power to wait and come back to get it later. I have been guilty of both.


1 comment:

Chelsea said...

So cute! I like the new titles :) I think you just posted your comment on my blog...which means we are blogging at the same time! Oh fun. Miss you tons sweet friend!