Saturday, October 03, 2009

Big Tex and Me

The fair was a BLAST! As always, Big Tex did not disappoint. Here are some highlights from the day. And just for the record, fried butter is a little bland. But this picture cracked me up:

Fried Butter. It will make you as Big as Texas.

I never noticed how skinny Big Tex is. Clearly not eating the fried butter.

And so we can stop talking about fried butter, here's a picture of it. Like I said...not the best thing I ate. Probably my least favorite. I couldn't even see the butter. Unless that's what all that yellow stuff is.

The sis and me.

Fried Peaches and Cream. Now that's the good stuff.

The family. My dad had it kind of easy. Although, I think it would be really hard to lose control of where you went and when. We kept seeing something we liked and leaving him to go check it out. He was a great sport, though!

A baby (goat?) had just been born. I'm not going to tell you about the mom birthing the placenta right in front of us. Not even going to mention it.

Waiting on fried pickles can be so hard...

Fried cookie dough? Yes, please.

See you next year, big guy!


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Joyce Family said...

So glad to see that you updated us...when do we get to see where you live?