Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Put Your Hands Up

We went and got our fingerprints done on Monday (for our background checks), and I'm not going to lie. It was the worst. Mike and I made it almost out the door of the county jail before I promptly burst into tears. Ya'll...I was so scared.

Now, I know I just don't handle things super well all the time, but the whole experience just really upset me. Why? Well, first, it's a jail. A blue and white cinderblock jail. With prisoners.

When we first got there, we let them know why we were there and a guy came to get us. He let us know that we could only go back one at a time. Okay, no problem. I mean, we could probably bust some people out of there together if we really tried, and I think they sensed a little Bonnie and Clyde in us. But really, those are the rules and it makes sense.

Mike went first, and he was back there forever. Long enough for me to decide that they had arrested him because we still had our Texas drivers licenses anyway. Or maybe something had happened and everyone back there had been taken hostage, and I just had no idea. I watch way too many crime dramas. Finally, he came back out, and it was my turn.

Let me be brief. Me and an officer. In a tiny room. Printer broken. Officer mad. Officer shouting obscenities and hitting the printer. Me trying not to cry because I just wanted to leave. Prisoners standing outside the room watching me. Kind of uncomfortable.

Guy brought into the room with me in handcuffs. Try not to make eye contact because I have no idea what crime he committed. Start praying printer will work so officer will stop screaming and give me my fingerprints. Second officer takes other guy's handcuffs off. I think, great, this guy's about to completely overpower everyone in this tiny room and take me hostage. Or snap my neck. Printer works. Officer tells me I can go. Walk out passing the prisoners in their holding rooms. Meet Mike in the lobby. Walk out. Burst into tears. Got it? I don't either.

Mike agreed that the officer was a scary guy, and eventually I quit crying. And I figure if that's the most stressful thing that happens during this process, we'll be doing pretty good.

PS: If you are the handcuffed guy who was with me in that little tiny room, I'm sure you are a very nice person who had a bad day. I am sorry I thought you were going to try to kill me. I was a little stressed about all the yelling. Please forgive me.


Stewart Stuff said...

I had to go to the jail outside of Waco by myself to get my fingerprints for my teaching certificate. It was a scary experience. However, not as scary as yours was.

brooke said...

I am sorry you were bummed out. The yelling sounds very unnecessary. Over the past 2 years, I have been to a number of jails/prisons/detention centers for work and (hopefully) I will never get used to the smell or slamming of doors.

laurenk said...

You'll laugh about it one day. My Daddy took my to Juvi Hall when I was a little girl as Daddy/Daughter Field Trip. I have never forgotten it! ;-)