Thursday, October 08, 2009

Our New Digs

We bought a house! We haven't closed yet, so it's not officially a done deal. I wanted to show you some pictures, though! We are super excited, and we can't wait to move in and get settled!

Kitchen...I am going to LOVE the big pantry!

Living Room

Hearth Room...It's basically a second living room in the kitchen.

This is the "unfinished" part of the house. There will eventually be a bonus room up those stairs, but for now we'll just keep the door shut. But if you come visit you can use a sleeping bag and pretend you're camping up there.



joeandjan said...

Love it! Looks like you have a pretty big lot. Can't wait to come see it. How many guest bedrooms did you say you have??!!! lol

Libby said...

That house is just beautiful!!

Stewart Stuff said...

Love it! I love all the storage and built ins.

laurenk said...

Just like the other Lauren, I love the built ins. Also a fan of the wood floors and kitchen! Be sure to send the address when it is a done deal! :-)