Friday, August 28, 2009

Food and Fun Were Had By All

These days, my dad spends a couple of hours every day inside of a hyperbaric chamber. It looks kind of like this:

On the inside, it looks kind of like this:

He is in there with other people, and they get to watch movies. Not the best time of his life, but not torture. The doctor said that spending time in the chamber has saved his leg, so I'm sure he won't complain!

All of this time in the chamber, though, means my mom is driving him out to Dallas every morning, and then she has to keep herself busy for a few hours. Yesterday, I went to hang out with her, and we had a lot of fun.

First, we found this:

There isn't a person in our family who can resist that light. After we consumed our weight in hot glazed goodness, we went on over here:

Oh my. I have always wanted to go to Central Market, but I have been content with Market Street, since we have three within ten miles. Well, no longer. How have I lived in the metroplex without knowing how great it really was? My mom and I walked around forever looking at vegetables and cheese. We even picked up my dad, loaded him up in his wheelchair, and headed back for lunch!

I am in love. They are having their Hatch Fest right now, and although I was scared to try it at first, we had a blast trying all of the samples. My favorite was the Hatch pesto. Yum! I am just sad that I waited until two weeks before I move to find it. Oh well. If I go everyday I can get in at least 10 more visits!


Joyce Family said...

That was really sweet of you to keep your mom company. We are really going to miss you and Mike and so will the Rangers.

Nelle said...

I am praying for your father. My father was the person who ran the hyperbaric chamber at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York for years. They mainly did surgery in it and many legs and lives were saved. Right now my Dad is in congestive heart failure, has had two major strokes in the last few months. He would not want to live like he is. Please add him to your prayer list. His name is Jim. Thank you.