Monday, December 26, 2016

The McDs Go to Preschool

August was a big month in our family, because all four kiddos started school/preschool this year. It has been a fun and busy adjustment for our family {trying to be in three classrooms for parties at the same time should be some sort of Olympic sport...yes I'm being dramatic}, but it has been great. The kids really enjoy their classes, we love their teachers and school, and they have learned so much! During carpool, one of the teachers took to calling them The McDonough Crew when calling for them. The kids took notice, and the name has stuck. They call themselves The McDonough Crew now, and it's kind of adorable.

Just a quick look back at the beginning of the year...

Emmie and Addie at Meet the Teacher with Mrs. Susan

Ben with his new teacher Mrs. Rachel

Max was so excited to be a big Kindergarten man!

Although they are all at the same school, Max actually started Kinder the day 
before the other three started. 

We snapped a few pictures to commemorate the big day.

He was just a tad excited.

The other kids started the next day with the same results...a whole lot of excitement. I was thankful they posed for a few sweet pictures for me.

Little Miss Addie took a dive into her headboard a couple days before school started, so she was sporting a mean looking bruise on her forehead.

And yes...I made sure they had their names on them to help their kind teacher {who has two sets of twins this year}.

Silly Faces...

And a couple of cute brothers!

Looking back at these pictures, it's hard to believe a whole semester has already come and gone. Here's to many {soooo many} more in the years to come!

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