Monday, December 26, 2016

Camp Max

Max turned SIX in September, and it was time to party! He went on a camping trip with his dad and some other father/sons/daughters from church for Father's Day, and from then on he has been pretty obsessed with any and everything to do with camping. So...a camping party was a natural and simple choice for a fun weeknight party at home.

I turned to Pinterest, my imagination, the garage, and my Christmas decorations to put together a party I thought the kids would enjoy, and I think it worked. One little guy went home and told his mom it was awesome because he got to drink pond water and fish bait, so I call that success. Sometimes it's something really simple that makes a big impact, and these days I'm all about simple. Don't get me wrong...I love a good theme. But I like it even more when it comes with a cheap price tag and comes together  quickly!

Most importantly, Max had an absolute blast running around the backyard with his friends, and ultimately that's what matters. Here's to Max's sixth year! He is such a funny, inquisitive, studious, sometimes serious and sometimes all fun and games kind of little guy. He loves investigations, science, camping, journals, collecting things, playing with the neighborhood kids, and learning how to read. I love this age when their personalities start to shine. I can't wait to see what SEVEN brings!



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