Monday, December 26, 2016

Fun Happenings This Fall

My favorite picture from this fall...all dressed up in our fall finest.
Emmie left, Addie right

Getting older and going to school means more fun! From birthday celebrations to dress up days, we had fun partying it up this fall!

Birthday breakfast for the six-year-old

His Kinder teacher doesn't play. That dum-dum bouquet lasted weeks.

Teams Day...Supporting our Texas teams!
Emmie left, Addie right

Hat Day!

 Crazy Sock Day
Emmie left, Addie right

 Pajama Day
Addie left, Emmie right

 Ready for a Super Hero Birthday Party!
Emmie as Batman, Addie as Superman

Community Helper Day in 4K. Ben requested to be a mailman, and he was just SO STINKIN CUTE.

Max's class made Shape Robots. He was so proud of this little guy!

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