Monday, October 12, 2015

McD Universary Day 3

Universal Studios is actually made up of two separate parks, so the majority of our third day was spent at Islands of Adventure. We spent a good part of the morning checking out Hogsmeade before heading into the rest of the park. One of the neatest parts of Universal (to me anyhow) is the ability to travel between the two on the Hogwarts Express, so we did that a lot too. I was definitely in my Potterhead happy place!

Hogwarts Castle

 Hagrid's Hut


 The Conductor...It's hilarious how well all these people stay in character!

 Finding the McDonough crest on the map of Ireland

 No caption needed

 Hanging out in Jurassic Park

 Later in the day we took the Hogwarts Express back to Universal to catch a Blues Brothers show.

 And grab some ice cream with Florean Fortescue in Diagon Alley.

 Headed back to Hogsmeade on the ol' Hogwarts Express.

When we got back to Hogsmeade it was raining, so we were able to ride some of the rides again with zero wait. It was a great day!

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