Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cedar Hill Farm 2015

Last week we made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch at Cedar Hill Farm. It was supposed to rain all weekend, so my mom and I took them while Mike was at work on a Thursday. I think this was our first year to go without a stroller, and I'm not gonna some ways it was nice. Sometimes I worry that they are growing up so fast, but I really enjoying getting to do more with them as they get older!

(Addie is in the blue...Emmie in pink)

More smiles with Mimi

Silly faces...

A shot with Mom...

More silly faces

Brotherly Love!

I love these sweet girls and their prom pose!

Addie and Max were our brave ones when it came to feeding the animals, but A still wasn't 100% about the whole thing.

Max and Ben rode the ponies...the girls not so much.

Addie and me on the train

And everyone else

Addie and Ben waiting on the pig races

Picking out our pumpkins!

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