Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter weekend was full of activities at church and with friends, and we had a fabulous time.
We started off the weekend with a Good Friday evening service at church. I caught a few pictures of the boys in their classroom before the service began.

Saturday we headed up to church for a family fun day. We had a great time playing games that taught us about Jesus and what He did for us when he died on the cross. Of course we had a little bounce house fun and a snack too!

 At what age does the "I can't smile because I hurt my knee two weeks ago and just can't focus right now" stage end?

 E left, A right

Sunday morning we headed to church for a great morning of worship, then headed home to eat with some of our neighbors/friends and have a little egg hunt. Like I said...it was a great weekend!

Max, Addie, Ben, Emmie




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