Monday, September 09, 2013


In which I post a bunch of instagram and iPhone pictures in an effort to keep up with the ol' blog...

 A boy and his cowboy

Sweet girls

 Birthday party fun

Max and Dora. It was hilarious. He considered being terrified but was so fascinated.
He even followed her and tried to go to the bathroom with her...ha!

 Two cool dudes

 Rocking the doctor glasses

 Passed out

I don't know what I was thinking giving this guy a squeeze yogurt.
 These leg warmers make me so happy. 

 Holding hands.

 Look at me!

 All ready for church

Always on the move!

 He worked on getting this car inside the ottoman and then announced,"Mom. I think this was a mistake." Ha!
 I am slightly obsessed with these dresses. I love a good plaid.

 Addie smiles

 Emmie smiles

mmm...banana pops! 
I'm so Pinteresty...about an hour a month.

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