Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Blue Car

It was a few months ago when Max spotted these shopping carts outside of Kroger. I don't know how since they are kind of hidden, but he was all over it. We had never actually used one, though, until last week. The minute we got into the parking lot Max started talking about the "blue car." I thought he meant an actual blue car until we got out and started walking to the store! Both boys were big fans of the blue car, although Ben moved up to the top of the cart with me about halfway through the store. It's a lot easier to grab stuff on the shelves from down there, and he was a lot more interested in his brother's steering wheel than his own. Ha! Max was not happy when we got in the car to go home. You would have thought we were leaving Disney World, but I promised him we would be back to see the blue car again soon!


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