Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ben Has Surgery

When Max had his adenoids out and tubes in back at the beginning of the year, we said we would probably be back with Ben sooner than later. Well, we were right. This poor little guy has struggled for the past year with sinus infections and just general yuckiness (totally a word). Finally, since he had turned one and the sick just wouldn't quit, we took a trip to the ENT and set up the surgery.

Mr. Ben had his surgery earlier this month. He has struggled a lot more with the recovery than Max did, but he was a lot younger and we think his adenoids were actually a lot bigger than Max's ever were. He is feeling better these days, though, and we hope the surgery helps him a lot!

 Hanging out in the waiting room in his was early.

 Ready for surgery!

 Recovery. He actually woke up pretty well. 

Back home...and drooling all over the couch.


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