Sunday, July 07, 2013

Parade Fun

Every year our city has a Fourth of July parade. It's a small parade, but I love it. All the kids ride their bikes or ride in wagons, and they start in our church parking lot then go around the town square and back. So fun! Every year our church passes out water and snow cones or popsicles so I have always gone, but this is the first year we actually walked in the parade. It is all Max talked about all day before we headed up there, and I think both boys really enjoyed it. It was pretty hot, so the girls stayed home with their grandpa. I can't wait to take everyone next year. And don't worry that we will be rocking the choo choo wagon. It's already in the garage!

Dressed in their red, white, and blue

I wasn't kidding about him wearing his boots everywhere

Sweet smiles...and his flag shorts are my favorite

Hanging out in the wagon while Mom and Dad passed out treats

Enjoying an ice pop

Here we go!

Our church

Almost bedtime...

I really thought he was going to fall asleep, but he held it together


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