Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter Fun

Max and Ben had a whole lot of fun this Easter! Even though our families don't live near us, they always manage to make the boys feel special. Sometimes I wonder if the boys even know how far away we really live! 

On Good Friday, Papa and Aunt Amy sent a fun package with chocolate covered strawberries and cake pops. Yummy! Max was certainly a fan! I wish I had a picture of him eating his cake pop, but those pictures have gone to live in iPhone oblivion with a lot of the other photos on Mike's old phone. That will teach me to wait three weeks to blog!

Since Mike will always leave super early for church on Easter morning, for now we do our Easter baskets on Saturday morning. That way he gets to be there, which is good for all of us! 

I went shopping for their baskets and came home with practical things like pajamas and underwear, but luckily (for the boys) Mimi was here for Easter this year and she brought lots of fun stuff to add to the baskets.The most popular items? Play-Doh, a new water bottle, and doubloons! The doubloons were actually leprechaun money she found on clearance after St. Patrick's Day. And just for the record, it's Max that calls his pirate treasure doubloons...not me. That kid is crazy!

Ben knew exactly what to do. Go after those eggs!

It took a few minutes for Max to even notice.

Toothbrush and foaming toothpaste.

 Ben decided he was good eating the tag off his new PJs!


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