Friday, June 08, 2012

Trailer Life

In domestic adoptions, as in all adoptions, there are lots of rules, regulations, and red tape to go through. They are there for a reason and a good thing, but they can also make life very interesting! Since Ben was born in Louisiana, we were required by law to stay in the state until Mississippi gave us approval to cross state lines and bring him home.

This whole process took two weeks, and what an interesting two weeks it was! As I said, my mom brought her travel trailer and we stayed in it with her. I was so thankful she was able to come, especially when Mike went home to work for a few days. Max had a blast with all of us in such close quarters, even if he did get a little stir crazy sometimes. Ben could have cared less where he was and spent the majority of the time in his travel bed and swing. Give him food and cuddles and he was a happy camper.

We were all definitely ready to get home after those two weeks, but what an adventure it was! It was crazy, tiring, fun, hectic, silly, name it. Truth be told, I kind of miss it. Kind of.


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