Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beach Bums

A couple weeks ago, we traveled to Pensacola Beach with my family for a week-long vacation. Thirteen people in one house! It was crazy, but we had SO much fun. Max loved being around his cousins, and I sure didn't mind all the extra help with two little ones. We didn't know Mr. Ben would be coming into our family quite so soon when we made our beach plans, but it all worked out just perfectly. There was always someone to watch him back in the house, and he ventured out to the beach a couple of times too!

I have never been a huge beach person (gasp!), but I have to admit that it is the perfect vacation with a large group that includes little ones. Go to the beach in the morning, go back and nap and lay around on the deck, then do whatever you want that afternoon and evening. Fabulous!

I have a ton of pictures, but here are a few of the "second generation" cousins...

This is my favorite...even though Ben is either yawning or trying to eat air.
 Stop playing in the sand, Max!


 Now let's go play at the beach!


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joeandjan said...

That was a beautiful beach. Let's sign up for next year!