Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Baby Story

 Since Ben is almost a month old, I thought I should go back and fill in some details about his (very) quick arrival into our family. What a month it has been! At the beginning of May, Max and I were in Texas while Mike was at school. We had been working on getting back up on the "adoption list," and things had been going slow the past couple of months. We were waiting on our home study, trying to get our profile done, and all of that good stuff. That week, we got the word that we were officially back up on the list. I planned on coming home, blogging about how we were "official," and getting to work on turning the guest room into a nursery.

So...Max and I headed home to Mississippi on Tuesday, May 7. We were about an hour into the 8 hour drive when my phone rang. I saw that it was the agency, and immediately I knew. We had been picked! I was nervous, excited, surprised, and all of those things. Then, our consultant hit me with it- the baby was coming Friday. WHAT? That's when I really about had a heart attack. Although I knew what the answer would be, I called Mike to make sure he was on board and then plans started to form. I spent a good portion of the trip talking to people figuring everything out (thank goodness for Bluetooth), and it was decided we would leave Thursday. Yes...that was TWO days away.

Basically, I came home, did laundry, repacked, grabbed a car seat and swing, grabbed some baby clothes (boy and girl because we didn't know), and whatever else I could think of. Those couple of days went fast and soon it was time to leave. We were on our way to get our second child!


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