Thursday, June 07, 2012

A Baby Story Part 2


Mike, Max and I headed to Louisiana on Thursday and stayed in a hotel. My mom met us on Friday and brought her travel trailer for us to stay in as long as we were there. It was a tight fit, but we had fun and it saved a lot of money!

On Friday, we met with the lawyer and then it was time to wait. We ended up at the local mall for most of the day, just walking around and waiting for a phone call that we could go up to the hospital. We were definitely on edge as we waited. My mom got to town and we had gone to meet her when we got the call. Everything looked good, the baby was here, and it was time to go. It took awhile to convince them to tell me over the phone, but finally they did. It was a boy!

We zoomed up to the hospital and straight to the NICU. We had to get clearance, but then it was time to meet Mr. Ben. He was so cute just laying there fast asleep! We got to spend time with him that day and several times over the next couple days as we waited for him to get released from the hospital. We brought him home (well back to the trailer) on Monday, and his birth mother signed the final papers on Wednesday. It was official...he was ours!

Obviously, for various reasons, this is a fairly short version of our adoption story. It would be hard to write in a single post about the emotion and details of this time in our lives, but all I can say is God is so good! And although I have said very little about Ben's birth mother, please keep her in your prayers. The whole process was so short that we didn't really get to know her like I would have liked to, but she did share some with us. She is an amazing woman who did what she believed was best for her baby, and she was so wonderful and brave through the whole experience. I think about her daily, and I know she would appreciate your prayers!

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