Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shower Season

It's shower season around here. This weekend we had a shower at church for our music minister's wife, DeAnna. She is having twin girls fun! I completely forgot to take pictures during the shower, but I snapped a few before hand. We had a lot of fun decorating, and I got to be a little crafty. I love what you can do with a color printer and a circle punch. I may have issues.

Um...yes, that would be my minivan in the background. Have I mentioned that I drive a minvan? I am pretty much in love with it. Favorite car ever.


1 comment:

Lauren Kate said...

Wait one sec, you drive a minivan? Amanda, I'm not friends with people who drive minivans!!! ;-) I feel like I need a legit explanation on why so I can properly deal with this. P.S. Cute shower!