Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Choo Choo

A couple of weeks ago, Canadian Northern railway came to our church's preschool program. They travel around the country teaching kids about trains, rail safety, etc., and they have the coolest miniature train. Max and I happened to be up there for bible study, so they let us join in on the fun. Daddy came out of his office to ride, and Max thought it was big times.

My dad was a HUGE train fan. As in, he had train watching friends, took hundreds of pictures, would go hunt out train tracks on our vacations, watched train videos. He used to take us to train conventions, too. I know he would have loved that Max got to do this, and I hope one day Max loves choo choos as much as his Grumps!


Choo, choo!

Daddy and Max

(I just liked that the cartoon conductor's name is Max!)

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