Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fun Time with Max

Max turned 16 months old today. Goodness gracious. This is such a fun time, but it's what I consider a very "in between" time when it comes to a lot of activities. He's too old to just hang out on a blanket and play with some toys, but he's too young to bust out the coloring books and fingerpaints. Not that he wouldn't enjoy those things. We're just struggling with the whole "crafting materials aren't food" thing.

I have been searching (Pinterest) for younger toddler activities, and when I saw an idea about sticking pipe cleaners through a colander it sounded like fun. And after I realized he was having a ton of fun with his straw and milk box I thought it may be time to try it. Unfortunately, my colander had long slits instead of holes. Too hard for little fingers.

BUT. The laundry basket was sitting right there, so I grabbed it, turned it upside down, and we had a ton of fun putting the pipe cleaners through the holes. I ended up cutting them in half to make them go through easier. Now every time he sees the laundry basket he thinks it's playtime! It's a very simple activity, but it's something different for these long winter days. And I mean long.

I have lots of other activities I've seen and want to try, so I'll let you know how they go!


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