Saturday, January 07, 2012


Our Christmas started on the evening of the 25th when Mike arrived back in Texas from Mississippi. We headed over to his family's house, and it didn't take long for Max to get the present opening underway. He had had a little instruction from my cousin's kids earlier in the week, so he was ready to go. He would open a present, look at it, and then toss it aside and start going after the next one. At one point, he got so excited that he would finish opening one and sign "more" right away. Not exactly admirable behavior for an adult gift opener, but it was pretty funny on a 15-month-old!

By the time we got to my family's house to open presents on the 27th, Max was an old pro. Every time he ripped a piece of paper off the present he would yell, "HIYAH!" I'm not exactly sure where he learned that one, but it was hysterical. Our own little Christmas Ninja.


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