Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Haircut

While we were in Texas, Max got his hair cut for the first time.

I did not want to let go of all of those cute curls. was getting pretty shaggy, so away we went.

We wanted to get it done at a place that specializes in children's hair. Max had more fun, and we felt more comfortable knowing that the stylist was used to squirming. Plus, since we were in Texas, Grandpa and Aunt Amy got to join in the fun.

Max thought he was big stuff in his little yellow taxi.

Goodbye sweet curls.

I may have wanted to swat her hand away right here.

Max did really well.

He spent most of the time "combing" his hair and driving the car.

He never cried, but he was not a fan of the clippers. He got used to them, but he made the funniest faces when she first started using them.

No more curls. I miss them, but even I have to admit that he looks cute with his big boy haircut.

I am a huge fan of these. It would have been much harder to get him to sit in a regular chair.

My sweet big boy with his grown-up hair cut.

He knows he's cute.

Picking out a sucker with Daddy.


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