Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ranger T-Shirt

Well, the American League Championship Series is well under way, and we love our Texas Rangers! Sometimes I feel like we are kinda out of the loop out here in Mississippi, since of course they waited until we moved to go to the playoffs two years in a row. So, since we are missing some of the excitement, I decided Max needed something fun to get in on the action! That walk-off grand slam last night pretty much sealed the deal on the design...

I used my Silhouette SD and the new fabric ink and stencil set. If I did it again I would use the heat transfer material, but I accidentally ordered fabric ink. The ink bled just a little around the edges, and the heat transfer would have looked more crisp. Working with what I have here!

The process was fairly simple. And just as a side note, you can use freezer paper to make stencils. There are lots of tutorials out there, it's cheaper, and it may eliminate the bleed through. Wish I had thought of that!


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The Lewis Family said...

Well, if you wanna try it again, I"m sure Caleb and Eli would appreciate such a cool shirt.;)