Friday, September 16, 2011

We Like to Party

For years, I have been planning on throwing Mike a baseball celebration for his 30th birthday. Who knew that we would end up having a little boy who turned one the exact same weekend? (One who is destined to love baseball, if his dad has any say in the matter!)

As I said before, we had a fantabulous time celebrating baseball-style! Here are a few pictures of the most important part of the party...the people! There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to these pictures, nor are they fabulous from a photography standpoint. I know there are so many wonderful people who were there that I didn't get a picture of. But...the party was fun and busy and I got what I could! You may notice a lack of pictures of Max enjoying cake, etc. on his big day. Not to worry! We had a family friend and photographer come in and take some pictures of him during the party. I'll post them as soon as I can. Until then, here's a ridiculous number of pictures...

I'm One!

The Birthday Boy

Hailey (my sister) and Max

Jeffrey (my cousin and party house owner) and Max

Milk Break!

Friends Eli and Caleb (and their GiGi...kinda!)

Friends Katie and Ms. Charlotte

A Very Cool Dude

Friends Jack, Benita, and Hayden

My Dad and Mom...gross ;)

Ms. Annie

Max was in love with the trampoline!

My Dad and Mom
(aka Grumps and Mimi)

More playing...

Grandpa and Aunt Amy with Max

Max and Me

Mike and Zach (a forever childhood friend)

Aunt Amy and Max
(naps anyone?)

Aunt Gwen, Dad, and Cousin Jarod
(we don't call him Cousin Jarod)
(but that would be awesome)

My Mom and Aunt Amy

Zachry (my brother)

William (another cousin)

Maddie (another cousin...I have a lot of them) enjoying concessions

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destiny said...

AWESOME party!! Max looks adorable...I'm a sucker for red shoes--especially Chucks!