Tuesday, September 27, 2011

12 Months

Max, on September 11, you turned 1 YEAR old!

Cliche or not, time really does fly and in a blink of an eye your first year was gone. But, we sure have had a blast along the way! You have been 1 now for a few weeks, and it amazes me how much you are already changing. You love to copy things we do and say, dance, and you are trying your hardest to walk. Well, when you want to.

Here are a few more things about you at 12 months:

-You weigh 23 pounds (70th percentile) and you are 30.5 inches tall (68th percentile).
-You still take two naps a day.
-You gave up your bottle without a problem, so now you are a sippy cup milk drinking machine.
-You have four teeth.
-You wear 12 and 18 months clothing.
-You wear anywhere from a size 4 to 5 shoe.
-You eat EVERYTHING. Except broccoli.

And now for the fun stuff:
-You LOVE to dance. You look very gansta waving your hands in the air.
-You have learned how to scream. Or I should say squeal. It's awesome.
-You are started to be interested in cars, trucks, balls, etc.
-You are pretty adventurous, and you love to swing, go down slides, and climb.
-You usually laugh when you fall off (or jump off) anything.
-You have started clapping and getting excited when people give you praise.
-So far, you are up to walking 9 steps in a row. But nothing in this world will get you to stand up when you don't want to.
-You LOVE trampolines.
-You know a few signs including "more," but you really think this one means "want." You are starting to use it for everything.
-You just started high-fiving. Again only if you want to. Some may say you are a little stubborn. I have no idea where you get that from...



Mason's Mama said...

I just love him! He's so precious!

destiny said...

He looks just like Mike in one of those pictures!
How'd you make your cute collage at the top? I can't figure out how to do those and make them look good.

Lauren Kate said...

I can't believe he is already one year old!!! He is definitely a cutie and I wish I could hug him...he looks like a good hugger ;-)