Sunday, September 18, 2011

The After Party

I still have lots (and lots) of photos of Mike and Max's party, but first...the after party. One of my best friends, Katie, has a wonderful father who got our family a suite at the ballpark to watch the Rangers play. We don't get to go to a lot of games anymore living so far away, and we definitely don't spend a lot of time in suites, so it was such a treat. It made for a long day, but it was such a fun way to celebrate our big birthday weekend!

It's been a long day...

My mom, sister, and me

Mike and his sister

I did my own hair...

My brother, sister, and me

My cousin Jeffrey and his family

My dad

Aunt Amy and Max

Mike and his dad

My friend, Katie, and her adorable family

My sister

My attempt at getting a group was a little rough

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