Thursday, July 07, 2011


I don't think I've talked Vera on my blog in a long time. I have to admit, I've considered having a parting of ways one or two times. It used to be simple and fun (and cheaper) to collect her bags, but now with new patterns and styles coming out more than twice as often, it's a lot to take.

I've always been very open about my patternitis in the past, and I have to tell you, my OCD tendencies work overtime every time the new patterns come out. Today the Fall 2011 patterns came out, and I have spent a ridiculous amount of time thinking about them. Like, an embarrassing amount. But, since I told you I ate a plate of brownies yesterday, I figure I've already hit rock bottom.

Now, I know not all of you like VB, but I thought I'd ask your opinion. Which pattern is your favorite this season? I can't decide between Plum Petals and Happy Snails. And yes, I realize this is a ridiculous, silly subject. I'll work on something meaningful and thought-provoking for tomorrow. Or I'll go eat a brownie.

I kid, I kid. There aren't any left. I ate them all.

Safari Sunset

Plum Petals

Mocha Rouge

Happy Snails

Images Vera Bradley


The Lewis Family said...

Happy Snails, for sure. And I was just thinking the same thing about how overwhelming it is.... I've been in the store a few times this summer (I know, it's shocking) and it's insane. So many patterns. So many styles. I get a headache just thinking about it.

brooke said...

Mocha Rouge, but my favorite pattern name is Safari Sunset.

Lauren Kate said...

I like Safari Sunset and Happy Snails :-)

Stewart Stuff said...

I'm a fan of Happy Snails. I saw these patterns on a shopping channel yesterday. :) I not the biggest fan of the safari sunset.

Katie said...

I love plum petals but mocha rouge is my favorite. I love Vera! Annie now has her own Vera purse... Starting her young. David is thrilled! Hehe

Amber Marie said...

Happy Snails looks like Amanda to me! I personally love those blue flowers that are popping out.

Rhonda said...

I love Happy Snails followed closely by Plum Petals.