Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Texas, Day 6

I forgot to take pictures while we were out and about today. And we were out. And about. A lot. First, we took a trip to see Aunt Amy (Mike's sister) at work and went to lunch. We went to Market Street. Oh how I miss you, Market Street. Max managed to make a giant mess, but it was delicious.

After lunch, we headed over to the hospital to hang out with my mom and dad. They are pulling some pretty long chemotherapy days this week, but we are still trying to get in some quality time. We took Max to see my dad's nurses at his original oncology office, and they were so excited. They hear about him so much that he pretty much feels like family to them I think!

We've just been hanging out at my parent's house tonight, but I took a few pictures. And they are all of Max of course. I know what people want to see, and it's not me laying on the couch.

Must buy gate tomorrow. We may have looked away for 10 seconds and found him halfway up the stairs.

Playing inside my giraffe.

A Max-sized pool.

If it involves splashing, I like it!

So tired that he kept "holding his bottle" long after it was gone.


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Amber Marie said...

The boy is living it up on vaca, huh!?