Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Mail's Here

I am loving getting the mail this week! Online shopping may just be my new favorite way to shop. There is just something so fun about coming home to a package on your front porch. Unless it's ticking...then you should run.

I have been wanting to get a fun new return address stamper forever, but I had to wait until we got moved into a house we would be in for awhile. And after it took so long to unpack here, we aren't going anywhere soon!

I have been admiring Three Designing Women stamps forever, so I just bit the bullet and bought one. I got it in the mail today, and I love it. I don't love that I was impatient and sent out my Christmas cards yesterday with my ugly handwriting on them. Oh well. I needed the practice writing our new address.

I got something else very exciting in the mail yesterday...Will's baby bedding! I love it! I'll put some pictures of it up this weekend. I have to pull it out of the bag, but I am so scared that I'll get it dirty. Like it's not going to get just filthy as soon as he gets here. That's what stain remover is for!


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Joyce Family said...

How weird...I almost ordered a stamp from this site but put it off! Now that I'm doing all these Christmas card I wish I would've done it.