Monday, December 07, 2009

Mr. Will

Although there isn't a lot to report in our adoption journey right now, I just wanted to write a little bit to let you know that everything is going great.

We are talking to Miss C on a weekly basis still, and she and Baby McD are doing well. We are so thankful that we are learning more about her and why she is making her decision, as well as having the opportunity to pray for her and encourage her.

On a different note, I keep thinking that it sounds so silly to keep referring to our baby boy as Baby McD when we have know pretty much since we got married what our first son's name would be. So, from now on, Baby McD will be known as Will.

Will is about 21 weeks right now, and according to Miss C everything is going well at her appointments. When we were chosen I felt like April would never get here, but 5 weeks have already flown by. It will be here before we know it.

Stay tuned for more posts about Will soon. We have picked out his furniture, ordered his bedding, and he's started getting the cutest little clothes. So fun!



destiny said...

I love following your journey! I can't wait to hear more about sweet Will and see all that you have picked out for his room!! I'm anxious to paint something sweet for him also! :)

Mindy said...


Just got your Christmas card and love it! You looks so pretty. Congrats on baby Will. On our walks, Elle and I have been praying for you a little someone and we are so happy to see God answering prayers. Can't wait to read more of your journey.

Much love,
Mindy Pittman