Sunday, June 07, 2009

Biggest Event Ever = Longest Post Ever

Yesterday was the big day- the opening of the new Cowboys Stadium! And who else should they bring for the inagural event than Reba McEntire and George Strait? I can't think of anyone better!

I don't know if you heard about it on the news, but traffic was supposed to be terrible. Well, it really wasn't bad. I think they freaked everyone out about it so bad that everyone made plans to avoid it and kept it from getting too crazy. We got there at 2:00, tailgated for a while, and then headed on into the stadium around 4:00. Now, the walk definitely took us 30 minutes, but I had to work off all of the chicken from the tailgate!

If I had to sum up the new stadium in three words they would be: big, shiny, and pretty. Everything is so nice and new...and HUGE! We walked through the suite level (which Amy said was the first and last time we would ever see that area!), and it reminded me more of a really nice hotel than a stadium.

We were pretty high up (like, the top), but the jumbo screen was the biggest thing I have ever seen. It was almost as long as the field (or where the field will be), and we could see everything- even the freckles on their faces.

Now on to the most important part- the actual concert. It lasted 6 hours, and it was great! Julianne Hough was supposed to open, but she had to cancel- my mother was devastated. Lee Ann Womack took her place though, so that was fun. Next came Blake Shelton, who was fun to listen to.

I couldn't wait, though, for Reba to take the stage. She was FABULOUS! She was super fun to watch, an amazing performer, and she is just so good! I was so excited when she came back on in her little red dress and sang Fancy! My mom and I used to listen to that tape over and over in the car! (Except for when my friends were in the car since the song is technically about a prostitute). oops.

Then- it was time. For King George! Now, I have to admit. To really understand the true magnitude of George in concert, you have to have a love for him. A deep and abiding love. While I really enjoy his music, I didn't grow up listening to him constantly, and I have never been to a concert before. So, I don't know if I truly understood the magnitude of him being on stage, but it was AMAZING. It was fun to sing along with him and see his easy style on stage. It was also fun when he had everyone chant "Open the roof!" and they opened the roof for the public for the first time! Anywho, I will stop rambling. But enjoy the pics!

Holly and me at the tailgate.

Mike. My mom, Amy, and my aunt's family were there too, but I didn't take the best pics. They may shoot me if I posted the ones I got!

On the walk over...

Just a little bit of the hugeness. PS: It was FREEZING inside. They have some kind of crazy AC.

This is what the performers looked like from where we were! I won't show you all of these, because you may as well be looking at me on the stage.

This is the greatness of the jumbo screen.


Reba gettin' "Fancy"

One more of King George.


laurenk said...

I love Reba...One year at the rodeo I won a silver and gold fish and named the silver one Garth and the gold one Reba. They were burried together soon after in Momma's garden. Still fans of the singers that are alive and well! :)

Stewart Stuff said...

Too fun! I can't wait to see the stadium. I'm taking my senior citizens at work on a tour of it this fall.

brooke said...

So, George Strait is childhood for me. That jumbo screen is crazy!

Miss Nikki's News said...

i am totally and utterly jealous. one of my very best friends from high school got married this weekend and i was a bridesmaid so i couldn't go! I had my own little concert but last week i had my own little concert at home watching george's concert when he got honored as artist of the decade! Gotta Love King George. hope all is well with yall

The Walkers said...

so jealous!!! i wish i lived there and would have gone with you!! and Fancy was like my favorite song too...did George sing Heartland? remember the movie pure country! sooo fun!!