Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Big Day

We had such a great time over Thanksgiving at my cousin's wedding. It was a late (7:00) wedding, and it was in a beautiful chapel with dim lighting. (Read: my iPhone didn't really cut it and none of the pictures are that great. I realized later I didn't even try to get a pic of the bride or groom...bummer). We really enjoyed the evening, though, and we were so glad we got to be a part of it. Mike performed the ceremony, and Max got to go. He carried around the save the date card forever, and he thought he was pretty hot stuff.

Mr. Max ready for the big day

 Daddy and Max

 Mommy and Max

 My brother and me

 My brother and me...with one of my photobombing cousins in the background.

 Sans photo bomber

 Said photo bomber

 Mike and me

 My sister and me...I felt like she was channeling TSwift in her awesome dress

 Reception time. At this point, we had just arrived and it was already past bedtime.

 My brother's girlfriend Amy with the Maxster. I call her Zamy sometimes (bc my brother's name is Zach) to avoid confusion with Aunt Amy. I didn't really ask her if that was okay, but she doesn't seem to mind. So I'm going with it.

 My favorite picture of the night. It is at least two hours past bedtime (maybe more), and he is sooo tired. But he will eat cake!!

 The reception was at a train station. We tried to go all Harry Potter on the place but it didn't work. Sigh. was past my bedtime. And my feet hurt.

Brother, Mom, Sister, Me. Love these people.

Our whole crew (minus the three kids sleeping at home with Papa and Aunt Amy). Growing all the time...I love it.

Congrats Jarod and Ashleigh!

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