Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Where did November go?

So I got a little (a lot) behind on blogging in the month of November. We had a few bouts with croup, a few colds, lots of busyness and a whole lot of crazy. Looking back, I didn't even really take that many pictures. Here are the few that I did take...

He wants to do anything and everything his brother does...including accessorizing.

The girls ready for the Baylor/OU game. Their cuteness totally led us to victory.

Love this pic...Addie right, Emmie left

No words needed.

I think that's my sleeve...awesome.

This would be when I had a small get together at my house that resulted in 16 kids being in a very small area. Hilarity ensued.

You know...that time some horses escaped from the farm behind us and roamed the neighborhood.

Sweet boy ready for church...

Emmie girl

Emmie girl part 2

Addie girl

Addie girl part 2

Ben loves formula. Mostly because it gies him direct access to snacks.

Cheese. It's almost impossible to get him to sit still without a paci.

Mmmm...chocolate peanut butter.

Date night with mommy. He picked out avengers washi tape at the store. Now he has gone back to wearing footed pajamas so he can store it in his pants leg, and I find things he has "fixed" all over the house.

Swim hat face.

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