Friday, December 13, 2013

Ben at 18 Months

 Ben, on November 11 you turned 18 months old! We love seeing your personality develop more and more every day. You definitely keep us on our toes (you are a toddler after all), but you are the sweetest little guy too. Here are a few more things I want to remember about you at 18 months old.

You are the snuggliest guy I know. You are a fan of being always have been.

You are currently obsessed with books. 
I think you would love to sit in our laps and listen to us read all day. 

Your vocabulary increases every day.  We hear book, bubbles, yucky, and uh oh a lot. You threw a "touchdown!" in there the other day.

You love to dance. 

Since you were a baby, when you are done eating you start throwing your food as fast and as far as you can. We haven't broken you of the habit yet. Hopefully you'll quit before you leave for college.

A lot of days you will take a nap in your crib but then wake up still tired. You will go back to sleep on the couch, in a chair, on the floor...pretty much anywhere. 

You call both of your sisters Addie...and you have started looking at pictures of other babies (including yourself when you were younger) and calling them Addie.

You love to wave. You will walk through a restaurant stopping to wave at everyone.

You can put on a show, and your smile could melt hearts. And you know it.

You are also not afraid to let people know if you are upset. Sometimes you "yell" at your brother in gibberish that cracks us up. But you know exactly what you are saying.

When you are confused or upset you make the same exact face you have since the day you were born.


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