Monday, February 11, 2013

Ben at Eight Months

Ben on January 11th you turned eight months old!

You are starting to scoot around a bit on the floor. You mostly go in a circle, but you are starting to do more and more.

You have just about outgrown your infant carrier. Your little (big) feet are sticking over the edge!

I still haven't found a food you won't eat. Pureed apples and chicken? Whatever floats your boat.

Your hair is growing and growing. You may be in for a trip to the barber soon.

We are transitioning you to the big bath. You make a huge mess splashing around in your whale tub, and you don't like to recline anymore. You want to see what's going on!

You are a slobber machine. More teeth are on their way!

You have turned into quite the screamer. You think it's hilarious. I do too...most of the time!

(Monthly stickers are from here!)

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