Thursday, September 27, 2012

Party Sources

Okay...I am moving on from Max's birthday party. I promise. But before I do, I have to give credit where credit is due. And some of the three of you that read this blog may wonder where I got some of the decor from. So, here you go...

Max's adorable shirt is from my sweet friend Jenn at Miss Lulu's
She is on maternity leave right now, but she makes adorable things.

I got the invitations and a lot of the party decor from Amanda's Parties to Go.
I bought the digital files from her and had them printed on glossy cardstock at the UPS store.
Last year, I created all the toppers and decor myself, but I loved her stuff!

I got this fun vinyl banner at Personalization Mall. It's totally going up every year until he's 16 and hides it from me. I got the idea from Shannon at Bless our Nest.

That's about it. The rest was from Target, Party City, and my laundry room.
Most of the ideas were from Pinterest and the good ol' Internets.


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