Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh Two-dles...Max is 2!

Last Saturday we celebrated Mr. Max's birthday with some of our family and friends. This kid loves him some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I knew he would enjoy seeing his favorite characters all over the place. We had an "Oh Two-dles, Max is Two!" party, and I think he absolutely loved it.
(Toodles is a character on the show for those of you who don't have to watch it every morning.)

We had a great time, and Max was in awe of all the "mouse" decorations and all of the friends and family he had in his house at one time! The party was touch and go for awhile with thunderstorms the night before, rain right up until it started, and Aunt Amy and Papa taking an emergency trip to the hospital that morning and missing the party (everyone is okay!), but we just like to keep it interesting around here. We just changed it up a little bit, and it all turned out just fine. I am sad I didn't get pictures of everyone at the party, but I grabbed what I could. I have lots more pictures of decorations, etc, but I had to start with the most important part...the people!

It was a great day celebrating our first little man!

Our least the adults are smiling. Turns out Max had the beginnings of a double ear infection. Looking back on the pictures you can see he wasn't 100%, but he really did have a blast!

This picture cracks me up. Max in his "mouse ears."

One guess who dressed Ben for the day. His Mimi, of course! I thought it was kind of silly, but he was super cute! Best Mickey I ever saw...


Max loves his new swing...thanks to Mimi and Papa!

I don't know what Ben is looking at, but it must be fascinating!

 My mom and me.

Max hanging out, and Sam working hard to blow up the ball.

Ava on the go...

Swing time!

Emily and Emma having fun

DeAnna and Ms. ...twin sister not pictured

More swinging...

Another family kids really do smile sometimes.

The other birthday boy and me. Mike's birthday is the day before Max's.

Hanging out.

Someone stole brother's hat once he went to sleep...

Colton (or Tolton as Max says) and his parents

Ms. Emma showing off her mouse ears

Sweet brothers

Mr. Noah doing his best to pose

Reid hamming it up

And his sister really enjoying her marshmallows!

Shauna and Corey stopped by!

 Max checking out all the fun when he first woke up...

 "Mickey Mouse!" "Minnie!"


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Shauna said...

You did an awesome job with the decorations! It looked great!! Thanks for letting us drop in on the fun. :)