Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July in a Nutshell

 We have had lots of visitors from Texas this month! Mike's dad and sister were here at the beginning of the month, then my mom dropped in for the weekend, and then Mike's dad came back to stay with me while Mike was gone to children's camp. Somehow, even though we had everyone here, I still managed to pretty much just take pictures of the boys. Funny how that happens when kids are involved, huh? Here's some of my favorite, although incredibly random, pictures from this month!

Bath time Dragon

Just hanging my flip flops

My two "babies"

Mike and me at a wedding

Super Max...keeping the neighborhood safe

Finger painting. With Shaving Cream on top. Ask Mimi.


He thought he needed a sticker...

Playing at a neighbor's birthday party.

Stylin' at WalMart
SO mad I was trying to take his picture.

Kind of getting over it...

Nope...came around the corner and saw the camera. So weird.

Just hanging out in the Bumbo...

Hmm...trying to eat someone maybe??


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