Monday, July 02, 2012

The Beach: iPhone Style

So I took a lot of pictures on vacation. This is the last group, I promise! It seems like more often than not these days I choose my iPhone over my camera. It's just so much easier to carry around. These are the pictures I caught while we were out and about.

Our beach house. I want to live here.

Just relaxing on the beach.

The beach. I am a fan.

I also like taking Mommy's chair.

Are you sure these waves aren't going to hurt me?

My mom made the kids "sand" for dessert one night. It was delicious, and they thought it was hilarious.

Hanging out at the Naval Museum after we saw the Blue Angels practice.

Our children wouldn't cooperate, so we took a couple picture.

Ready for take-off!

I don't care what we're doing. Just hold me.
More hanging at the beach.

Hiding seashells in my pocket.

Ahh...I love my tent.

The sand makes me sleepy. Okay...everything makes me sleepy.

Gotta wear my shades.

Let's go people. I'm driving!



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