Thursday, July 05, 2012

Celebrating the 4th

We had a great time celebrating the July 4th this year. We started last Friday with the city's annual parade and rounded it out with swimming and dinner with some friends last night. I didn't take any pictures last night, but here are a few shots from the parade. We didn't actually participate, but all the kids on bikes and in wagons line up in our church parking lot. So we got to go see the fun...then go inside where the air was on! It was a great year. 

I have had a great time looking back at old pictures this morning. Our last few July 4ths have been full of change. In 2010 I was 7 months pregnant, in 2011 we had an almost 10 month old, and now we have an almost 2 year old and 2 month old. I can't wait to see what next July looks like!

The whole family.
It's hot. And I just want to go run between the moving cars. Why is that too much to ask?

I sleep a lot.
Just the two of us.


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