Tuesday, February 07, 2012

These Are The Days

This kid cracks me up every single day. I love seeing his mind work, and even when he drives me crazy, I just have to laugh. I just wanted to record a few funny things that he's doing right now so I'll remember them someday. The pictures have nothing to do with the stories. I just like them.

We have two remotes in our living room that are identical. I took the batteries out of one for Max to play with, but he can't be fooled. The other day he brought me both, waited to see which one I used, and then he took that one away from me. Rascal.

Max has always liked his bath, but he is hit or miss on whether or not he likes getting his hair washed. Now, he has decided to take matters into his own hands. He will get the rinse cup, fill it with water, and dump it over his head. The funny part is that he makes the worst face while he does it. It's like he's torturing himself, but he's determined to do it.

Whenever he wants a snack, he goes and gets a toy bowl, puts it on the counter, and then pulls and pulls at the refrigerator door. And when he doesn't get it open he comes and gets me. This kid is obsessed with grapes.

While I was gone, he climbed out of his crib. Twice. It was total parent error. We moved it down once when he started standing, but I didn't move it all the way to the bottom in time. When Mike found him, he was trying to turn off his monitor. Stinker.
(The crib is now all the way down).

Max has always liked to dance, but he's been adding some new moves. "Fast feet" is a new fave, and he gets really into spinning. He also likes to growl, play chase, play outside, play with bigger kids, play with cars, chew on his blankets, read, play with puzzles, tear things up, and (ahem) watch Chuggington.

Sometimes a mom just has to get ready for church.

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