Saturday, May 21, 2011

A-Fair 2011

Today was the annual A-fair in our town square, and we went out and checked out all the fun. The "a" stands for arts and crafts, but we all know shortening words is super cool. It's my fave thing. That and hangin' with my peeps.

Aunt Amy and Grandpa are here visiting, so Aunt Amy went with us. I didn't take any pictures, because I'm lame. Although not as lame as last year when I took my old lady cart to wheel around and carry my goods. Whatev. People were jealous. (See what I mean about shortening words? Cool.)

I really wanted to take a picture of the camouflage-lined casket for you, but it just seemed wrong to put a casket on my blog. No matter how ridiculous. Although I guarantee there were some people fired up about it. People here like their camouflage, and I say go with your passion. And just for the record, no, people weren't crafting caskets. The funeral home was there advertising. Because nothing says fun and crafty like a funeral.

At any rate, I did find a cute new addition to my "summer porch."

Although I kinda wish I'd gotten it in camo.



Lanette said...

Totes adorbs!

The Lewis Family said...

So cute! I really love it!!! Go back & get me something cute & crafty!:)

joeandjan said...

I want one (in yellow)! What is that made out of?