Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eight Months

Max, today you are EIGHT months old. Henceforth, this day shall be known as the day you learned that you don't have to sit still for pictures....or sit at all. In the past week and a half, you have gone from only sitting up when we put you there to sitting up, crawling, stopping, sitting up, crawling. And repeat. A lot. It cracks me up to see you following me into the kitchen, sitting up in your crib when I come to get you, and getting into everything. And so it has begun!

Here are a few things you are up to right now:

-You are getting more hair! No more Mr. bald guy.
-No teeth. We keep thinking they must be coming and then...nothing.
-You are a crawling machine. It's hilarious to see you zero in on something and go for it.
-You love books and toys but not nearly as much as magazines, hangers, and trash cans.
-You love to bounce in your door jumper.
-You can eat puffs like nobody's business.
-You are getting very vocal, and you laugh at everything. Especially your dad.
-You love to be outside.
-You got in the baby pool last week in Texas. You were a fan.
-I thought you would graduate from your whale bathtub into your bigger blowup bathtub this week. You just crawled right out. So now you just go straight in the tub.
-You are not a fan of face-planting in the tub. Or on the tile. Or on the carpet.
-You are okay with it in your crib.

We are so thankful that God has blessed us with you!

Do I really have to sit here??

I want down!

Here I go!

This is more like it!

Wait...what's on my shirt?

How did I get back up here??


Where can I hide? win.

But I need a toy.

Ha! I laugh in the face of your camera!

Wait for it...



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Rhonda said...

I love that boy so much. So much sweetness packed into that "little" boy. And don't forget pinecones. He loves pinecones!!