Monday, March 14, 2011



So good...

Food coma?

I don't know what it is about carrots (maybe the thin consistency), but Max gets so messy every time he eats them. He loves them, but he just can't keep them all in his mouth!

This kid is loving his solids. It still takes him awhile to figure out what's going on, but then I can't get them in his mouth fast enough. Apples seem to be his favorite so far, but he's also had avocado, banana, green beans, rice cereal, and chicken. The only thing he has gagged on? You guessed it. The chicken. I think I would, too! I've started mixing it with other stuff to mask the taste. We still have lots of foods to try, and judging by this kid's appetite he can't wait!

PS: I am a huge fan of these bibs! Max's Nana (my grandmother) made them out of hand towels and stretch ribbing, and they are my absolute favorite thing ever. They are huge, cover his entire body, and can handle any mess! (Even carrots)


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destiny said...

So cute!! Isn't it fun to give him new foods!?! I loved that! I used to mash up avacado for mine. They liked it, not so much!

I was thinking about you and wondering how you were doing on WW. I haven't scrolled down yet to see if you posted on it. I just weighed in and lost 2.2! I'm hoping that will put me back on track now!