Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Taming of the Peanut

This is how interesting my life is these days.

I have been fighting with my urns for the past week, and I think I have finally won. See, my urns are too big to just set ferns inside, so (as I mentioned before) I had the brilliant idea of filling them with backing peanuts. Which was all fine and good until the Great Wind of 2010 came through and knocked them over, sending packing peanuts all over the neighborhood. I am pretty sure that although we got most of them picked up my neighbors have probably put me on their hit lists.

So...what to do? I had the BRILLIANT idea of putting mesh bags around the packing peanuts to keep them together. (I told you this was interesting). What WAS interesting was when I took the packing peanuts out on the porch and turned my back only to turn around and see them flying willy nilly up the street...AGAIN.

Yes, I have had the privilege of picking up approximately 1 billion packing peanuts in the past week, along with my very kind 5-year-old neighbor. I'm pretty sure that there are approximately 2 billion still out in the open fields, but I think they are just going to be my present to Mother Earth. My way of saying, flowers are nice but they fade. Styrofoam peanuts will last forever. How thoughtful of me.

I am happy to report that I have indeed tamed the rest of the peanuts. Whew. I know you are relieved. And glad this post is over.

The method behind my madness:


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The Lewis Family said...

You are so weird;) Glad you found a solution-- pretty clever! Can't wait to see you and Will:)