Monday, January 18, 2010

Lone Star Visitors

This weekend my mom and sister headed on over to visit us in Mississippi. It was so fun! Mike and I got to take them to all the places we have enjoyed so far, and it was great to spend time together.

On Saturday we started at Natural Born Grillers, and then ended up at the Cheesecake Corner in downtown Memphis. We got there two hours before they opened, so we occupied our time walking through The Peabody, showing them Beale Street (we have yet to actually walk down it since we moved here), and just standing in the window dreaming of what cheesecake we would get once they finally opened.

Sunday we went to church, saw a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad football game, and went to see Leap Year. Kind of what we expected: cute, but not the best movie in the world. Here are some pictures I managed to steal from my mom...

Natural Born Grillers...see all that food?

Now you don't.

Where's our cheesecake???

Mike in his natural state.

Our matching rings. Mine is the man-hand. Sad.

This is what happens when you don't have furniture in your living room. You turn it into a slide. Don't judge me.

Sliding...surfing. Same thing.


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Eddie Mullet said...

That Grillers Place looks awesome, we have got to come get some of that! Oh and to see you guys too.