Tuesday, January 19, 2010

13 Weeks to Go...

Well, we are about 13 weeks away from Will's due date! It's starting to hit me that we are running out of time, and I am so anxious to get the nursery finished...or started!

I picked up the crib and dresser right before Christmas from Babies R Us. I thought it would be a simple little trip up there in Mike's truck while he was at work. Oh my. Can I just say, when the guys load the boxes in the back of your truck, they know what they are doing. I decided the crib was going to break in half the way they had it, so I pulled over to fix it. Ha!! I spent the next hour and a half going about 15 miles an hour down the road while the crib flew up and threatened to blow out of the truck. After three or four rearranging and tying down stops (and one guy pulling up next to me to let me know straps were flying around in the air) I was home. Covered in sweat, shaking, and in need of a Route 44 Cherry Coke. That Sonic ice never tasted so good.

Anyways, the furniture is now in the garage waiting to be put together. And this just makes me laugh:

I'm so glad they reminded me not to use a water mattress. I was going to go with an '80s theme. Back to the drawing board.



Misty said...

so so exciting! Our glider and ottoman arrived yesterday and we assembled it last night. Ian sat in that thing a good 30 minutes, it is very comfy!
Good luck getting everything put together. I can't wait to where we can put ours together!

The Lewis Family said...

I really wished that 80s themed nursery would have worked out for you. What a shame.

Rhonda said...

I want a water mattress!!!!